Wednesday, October 18, 2006

no bravery

Photo: monks and prayer wheel (Dharamsala, India, Nov 2005)

A video called "no bravery" was sent to our geography and gender class from a student. We've been talking about body counts and 'who counts'? We've also been discussing the role of emotion and activism in academia (and citizenship?!). And soon we'll be talking about militarization and hypermasculinity. I think this video is fitting:

No Bravery: A nation blind to their disgrace

The song by James Blunt is haunting and so very fitting. Some may call the film partisan and cast it off as sensationalism-- a tear jerker. But I think this is the value in it. It is partisan, it is emotional, it unsettles and forces reaction. We should not be comfortable with Iraq or come to terms with so-called collateral damage. We should feel disturbed.

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