Monday, October 23, 2006

good listening

Photo: My roommate Rhonda, sticking to the man! Crytal Method Concert (Vancouver, April 2005)

You know, I am really pissed off that Jian Ghomeshi had a short stint as the summer time host of Sounds Like Canada on CBC 1. He was fucking awesome. THE BEST EVER! Edgy but not Howard-Stern-assholely, creative but not artsy-farsty, sarcastic but not completely cynical and just a little bit insecure. Sounds like Canada?

He rocked my summer with his punchy, lyrical intros and kick ass music selection. And then, one day, I turn on my radio and there's Shelagh Rogers with her Martha Stewart chuckle, acting like she's the cat's pajamas, playing some fucking crap song from the small town Canada folk fest that no one attended, trying to represent, yo, trying to be the voice of Canada. "Oh", she says on air, "isn't that precious? ha -ha -ha! how delightful. (chuckle, chuckle, ha ha)" Um, I don't think so! I want Jian back! I've even sent letter to CBC demanding they give him his own show!

I guess I'm not being very Canadian. I should be writing something
nice about Shelagh because I'm sure she us very nice. She has to be, her name is Shelagh.

My advice? ('cause I know ya want it!): Search out the internet. You can listen to what seems to be every single interview
EVER with Chomsky at Or, head over to Democracy Now for great news reports and interviews on streaming video.

For those who want to read, you'll find some great journalism on the New York Times website (it's free to register!). Check out the Guardian and some local BC stuff at The Tyee website.

And many more...

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