Friday, August 11, 2006

Psychedelics are good for you!

Photo: Ayahuasca ingredients (Jan 2006)

According to an article in The Tyee, Psychedelics Could Treat Addiction Says Vancouver Official.

Of course this information isn't new. A variety of people, groups, and institutions have been using non-recreational psychedelics such as Ayahuasca and peyote for therapeutic and other ritual ceremonies and have successfully treated people with substance abuse and/or emotional/psychological issues. has a great forum where you can share recipes and experiences. Ayahuasca ingredients can be purchased in Vancouver a The Urban Shaman.

This is not a recreational drug, it causes massive nausea often followed by full on purging and complete self-awareness (read awareness of faults, guilt, lies etc) and does not always lead to bliss, understanding and acceptance of self. In Peru and Brazil, Ayahuasca is administered in a ritualistic manner by a Shaman with care takers or vigilantes looking after participants and might be preceded by fasting and collectively brewing the tea. It tastes absolutely disgusting!

I don't know a thing about peyote!

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