Friday, August 11, 2006

Hey Lazy! Park that car!

Photo: that's me in the Daintree Rainforest, Northern Queensland (July 2004)

As gas prices continue to soar with no end in sight I have to tell you about two cool people who are traversing our globe under their own steam:
  • Jean Beliveau is halfway to meeting his goal of walking around the world. Yes, after six years, Jean is walking to London, England after completing North and South America, Africa and western Europe. Born in Montreal, Canada, this middle-aged man is on a mission to walk for peace. Read more and lend some support on World Wide Walk.

  • Russian cyclist, Vladislav Ketov, just rode through Prince George. He's a 55 year old artist who's been circumnavigating five of our seven continents since 1991. His only sponsor is some air cargo company from the UAE and he has no website I can find online. Now on his way down to Vancouver, Vladislav has completed Asia, Africa, South America and Europe and only has Canada's far north before he's all done. He doesn't seem to be raising awareness for anything, just enjoying the journey of life. Here are some short articles about him in the St Petersburg Times, and the PG Free Press.

If PLANET EARTH (say it like Ron Burgundy) seems like too big a place for you, think about taking small trips with your bike and/or feet. Check out Cycling Around the World a site maintained by a Dutch couple who take their bikes to different destinations each year. Also visit Bicycle Fish for tips on cycle touring, gear, routes, links and more.

In 2004 I cycled around Tasmania, Northern NSW and Queensland in Australia. If I can do it, anyone can! In fact, you no longer need to be looking for reasons why you should be bicycling +1000km. Have a look online: everyone's doing it; anyone can do it. Why aren't you doing it?

If you need some inspiration to take on the world then check out the following people:
  • Tim Harvey- Vancouver to Vancouver with out fossil fuels (in northern Mexico on his way home by bicycle after 2+ years)
  • Jason Lewis - Expedition 360, around the world by human power (on his way from Southeast Asia to England (via northeast Africa!))
  • Alistair Humphreys - Round the World by Bicycle! Just about done- great photos!

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