Saturday, July 29, 2006

A sea of garbage the size of TEXAS!

Left: Tim Harvey and Erden Eruc
rowing off Cascais, Portugal.
Below: Cycling Portugal (Oct 2005)

According, “a garbage patch the size of Texas is floating in the North Pacific Ocean”, and worldwide, “ocean surface waters contain six times more plastic than plankton.”


My friend Tim Harvey raises this issue on his website. He's travelling aroung world SANS CO2... that's right, emissions free. Follow the last leg of his journey on his website dispatches and view his photo collection.

He's on his way home to Vancouver by bike from Oaxaca in Mexico. That's after he
  • Cycled to the Yukon from Vancouver
  • Canoed to the Bearing Straight
  • Rowed the Bearing Sea
  • Hiked into Siberia
  • Cycled in the snow to Moscow and onwards to Portugal
  • Rowed to the Canary Islands
  • Sailed to Venezuala
  • Cycled to Columbia
  • Bush wacked, canoed and rafted through the famed Darien Gap to Panama
  • Has been cycling ever since!!
Now pepper in arrests, forest fires, malaria, guns and endless encounters with helpful, honest and good natured people (okay and bad people too, that's where the guns come in!) and you've got a lifetime of stories. He even got chased by a donkey! How many of you can claim that, eh?! Didn't think so!!

Tim is filming his expeditiom, has been publishing articles in the Vancouver Sun, The Marmott and other publications and can be periodically heard on CBC radio one!

Tim's Website:
Erden Eruc is on his own journey: Around-n-over! that's around the world and over six major peaks.




Anna said...

Thanks so much for posting this Sarah, very timely in fact - the LA Times just ran a huge article on plastics in the ocean, with more appetizing news about garbage patch - such a dark, fascintating metaphor. Our disposable crap coming back to bite us in the.....yeah.

Anna said...

oops, link didn't work, try that again,
article here....