Sunday, July 16, 2006


Did I mention that Motion and I are now trained spotter volunteers with the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association, or CASARA? That means we get to fly around the Prince George area in little cessna-type planes like the one above and view the endless forests of red, dead pine-beetle kill!!

Actually, it's pretty cool now that I've gotten over the nausea of flying in a tin can. So far we've only been on training flights, but now could be called to help in a search and rescue operation-- such as finding a plane crash site, lost hiker, floating body etc.

Unfortunately, because you are supposed to be either in training or actively searching, we could only bring our camera on our first flight. This means no more air photography, which sucks because we've just got a new digital camera that kicks ass!

The PG CASARA unit is run by a man called John who sold Motion his house. I'm a little conflicted about flying around in planes as it is yet another way to burn fossil fuels but if they call me to find a lost person, I won't say no! I think I thought of joining the ground crew but that will probably involve driving trucks along logging roads!!! I guess I'll just move back to the city where I can ride my bike around!!

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