Monday, July 24, 2006

desmoging the climate change 'debate'

PHOTO: ahhh, the sweet smell of progress, New Delhi (2005)

In case you've been unsure, it's about time you know that there is no climate change debate. In fact, within the peer-reviewed, scientific community there is consensus that global warming is happening and that humans are in part responsible.

Naomi Oreskes conducted a 2004 study of approximately 1000 peer-reviewed journals to discover this... and then published her findings in Science, a peer-reviewed journal.

Al Gore cites Oreskes' study in his recent documentary "An Inconvenient Truth"

Check out Vancouver's very own debunking machine:

"the DeSmogBlog's mission is to debunk the climate change deniers who use suspect science and a host of public relations trickery to confuse and mislead the public on this critical issue."

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