Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm so sad I think I'll pluck my eye brows

depression - Tom Cruise publicly declared that we need to all go for a long jog, but new psychotherapy out of Jamaica by Frederick Hickling suggests this might be combined with some introspection, especially on the destructive nature of unequal social relations that make us feel like pooh.

I think drugs can help people get out of the hole so they can actually get dressed, leave the house and go for that energizing jog.
GlaxoSmithKline, producers of Paxil, a 'mild' anti-depressive, anti-anxiety pill, however, recently announced that their drug leads to "increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviour" among children and teens!! DAMN.

You can check out Dr Peter Breggin's website to read about suppressed suicide Paxil data.

Shaving my legs- posted an article called Feeling Plucky about body hair and female beauty without even entering into the very real visual cues we send each other by marking or not marking our bodies. Not shaving used to be an anti establishment act but now that we have more 'choice', whatever that means, I like the right to shave my legs... Feels good on my freshly washed sheets and my boyfriends lips!

Don't tell me I've sold out to the patriarchy, because we've all sold out!! We are all woven into the very systems we critique. There is no 'stepping out of the box.' Hello biodiveristy theory. We are produced by and reproduce the box. As long as shaving my legs doesn't confine me or reduce my value as a person, I'm okay with a razor. As for plucking eye brows? Well that's for obsessive compulsive freaks!!

Speaking of EYE BROWS... watch the disturbing anti-meth video posted on the Montana Meth Project website. A rich man organized the necessary resources to run a massive public service campaign against growing methamphetamine use in Montana. The result: a host of hard-hitting ads. Wow, and I thought Dawn of the Dead was gross. PUKE, I've lost my appetite.

In other, not so disturbing news, that's my nephew in the photo above being an adorable wise ass!

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