Sunday, June 11, 2006

I love Tron... Tron, Tron, Tron!

Did I mention that I love dogs? Here are some photos of my favourite dogs. The top one is Tron and the bottom one is... sniff... dead. Her name was Siri... may she be frolicking in swampy grasses filled with bone marrow and squirrels for ever and ever...

Now my new dog or I should say OUR new dog is Tron. He's a mutt!! We found him at the Vancouver City Pound (a.k.a. Animal Control).

He's registered as a Pointer-Mastiff-Rotweiler Crossbreed... but we think he's a Mutt-Artic Hare-Crocodile-Lap Dog Cross. People are generally scared of his HUGE HEAD, but he's actually sweet as pie. Er... well, he sometimes smells like wet dog but is very lovey and lovable!

You can get a dog from the pound for $150 and that includes all the vaccinations and spay/neutering! If you don't want a dog all for yourself, you can volunteer as a dog walker! Check out the SPCA: they are nonprofit and need volunteers as well!

Okay, so Poodles are hypoallergenic right? But they are also really ugly and annoying! Which is why they've been crossbred with other dogs to produce some funny looking dogs! Check out these cute photos! Labradoodles, Schnoodles, goldendoodles and puggles. And then there are the Bich-Poos, Chi-Poos, Cocka-Poos, and Jack-a-Poos!! I KID YOU NOT!

Dog stuff to check out:
B.A.R.F - the bone and raw food diet for dogs and cats.
Clicker Training - effective, affordable way of dog training. Nice, homey website developed by happy breeders.
WOOF: It's a dog's life - tips from the PBS show, complete with crazy trainer man videos!

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