Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blog Hiatus!

Well as you can see my last blog entry corresponds with my latest job teaching geography at Douglas College in Metro Vancouver. They certainly keep me busy there! Luckily I have been able (like most of the faculty) to teach two semesters and have the third one off!

Last year (2008) I had much of January to the end of April off! Technically I must spend 21 days in 'Professional Development' but I think I spent a whole lot more, especially in developing all the courses and lessons. However, I did spend a month over January and February in Ontario! Yay for the freezing cold winter. Sounds crazy but I had a blast: visited friends in Toronto, stayed with family in Millbrook, and took a four day dog sledding course with Outward Bound in Algonquin Park. After this wicked intro to winter camping my hubby and I have taken to overnight snow camping in the North Shore Mountains. BBQ coals, sausages, mulled wine, and an 80lb mutt-foot warmer.

This year (2009) I'm taking a month to re-visit Belize. I only got a glimpse of this English-speaking nation a decade ago and look forward on heading back. I'm bringing my hammock tent... yes, my hammock tent (Hennessy Hammock Backpacker Asymmetrical), my snorkel gear, and my hiking boots. I have some trips booked including the three day Indian Creek Trail (park of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor), the seven mile cave tubing through Caves Branch, some hikes and kayaking in Cockcomb Jaguar Preserve with the Chun family at Tutzil Nah Cottages, a tropical island getaway to Thatch Caye (I'll camp there) and finally an 8 day organized trip with BC-based Island Expeditions to Lighthouse Reef. The rest of my days will be flexible: Belize Zoo? Lamanai Ruins? Canoeing? Horse rides? Bicycle rentals? Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce Factory? More hiking? More Snorkeling? Hammock surfing?

If you have any recommendations for places to go and see, stay at or eat in then please leave as many comments on this site or email me at globalhammockatyahoodotca


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