Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hmmmm, facebook is like crack. Now that I'm on facebook, I'm neglecting this blog.

I've been told that the feds (US that is) are watching me now that I've signed my soul to facebook. Oh no! Now they know that most of us are liberals!?! Oh and atheists. And that lots of people don't call themselves hetero or homosexual. Geez, they might sell this info to some defense company that nike and aldo subcontract for and the two will join forces to produce a non- gender specific shoe which they'll market to us by analyzing our personal interest sections and make millions and millions in sales.... that is, if we buy the shoe.

Okay, so there is something creepy about defense departments monitoring our online info. I admit I don't like the idea, but at the same time, there seems to be this obsession in so-called liberal worlds with top down control of big business and and government without any attention to the ways in which we are all imbricated in the production, maintenance and reproduction of these worlds... the ways in which we are all complicit in the (re)production of business and government. Yes, there is reason for concern about collusion between government and corporate in terms of political neutrality and I recognize this... but what about all the other players in society, economy, politics. As a reaction to neoconservatism the liberal speakers have waged a massive blame the conservatives blame the liberals and in reaction the liberals blame the conservatives and vise versa. Things don't change. Actions are reactionary, not revolutionary or subversive.

Instead of only focusing on the government and the businesses that "control us", why not ALSO look at the ways in which we are complicit in this '"controlling"-- the ways in which we are all imbricated in processes of governmentality. Wikipedia is just a starting place... for more info google "foucault and governmentality" or better yet, get ye to a library.

So why isn't there some other non-defense related, non-governmental copycat to facebook which we can all transfer over to? Would the world then be a happy place. We could build a global village and sing kumbya. Yes, yes, I am being cyclical here.

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