Tuesday, March 27, 2007

global warming facts

I hope people aren't getting sick of hearing about global warming. I feel like everyone is convinced... "yeah, yeah, I know, I saw 'An Inconvenient Truth'"... but, I'm just not sure that we're doing much about it. The website Global Warming Facts provides a useful Top 50 Things To Do To Stop Global Warming and it's amazing how easy and feasible they all all.

But the site doesn't list the Top 50 Things We Need To Do To Change Law, Policy and Governance in order to save our system. There are tons of website out there with online petitions. I recently signed one produced by AVAAZ.org who took 100,000 signatures to the G8 Environment Ministers and in part helped get the environment and climate change at the top of their agenda (Duh!).

But what about local activism. I guess the word 'activist' is loaded and many people shy away, but I would like to encourage everyone to write to their representatives telling them that they are concerned about climate change, water privatization, offshore drilling and whatever else is worrying you. Ask them to promote public transport, change public education or whatever else you want. Many people think that letters are useless but these are our representatives and they will have to listen to us if they want our vote. Some may be on the same page, but don't know their constituents feel the same way! Many of them do write back to me personally or at least answer my questions. And if they don't, then send another letter and ask your friends to do the same. You can also call, fax, or email but I prefer hard copy mail. Remember that snail mail to any MP is FREE... just write 'free to MP' in place of a stamp!

For great tips on letter writing check out The Wheels of Justice.

Here's a full list of member's of parliament including their contact info.

If you don't know who your MP is you can search by postal code here.

In BC you can also find and contact your MLA here. For other provinces, just google "legislative assembly".

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