Monday, November 20, 2006

Tim Harvey, adventurer extraordinaire, returns home!

AHHHH, it's been ages since I blogged! I'm almost done my MA thesis (WHEW!).

I've been so caught up in writing that I didn't even announce the amazingly awesome arrival of Tim Harvey in Vancouver (although you probably caught the story on the news- CBC, CTV, Global, National Post or elsewhere). Yes, on Sunday, November 12th, Tim Harvey completed his journey of circumnavigating of the world with no fossil fuels (Vancouver to Vancouver)!

Cycling, hiking, rowing, rafting, paddling and more propelled him from Vancouver two and half years ago and brought him back to the rainy coast last weekend (check out his travel route map!). While much of his trip can be seen as a test in athleticism and endurance, the core of his adventures surround the amazing people and communities he's encountered along the way and his true dedication self-propelled travel. His focus is now on writing about threatened cultures and environments (there's a book and film on the way!).

********* CONGRATULATIONS TIM! *************

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