Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Best EVER!

Photo: me cracking up (summer 2006)

If you have time for some open sourced, super indie, very creative, totally hilarious home video making then head on over to Nerve Video and check out Neal Medlyn's Land of Make Believe!

Oh, and be warned, this isn't for the narrowly-minded, easily-offended. I'm talking about a stuffed animal and house pet orgy. Yeah... so that may sound weird, and I guess it is weird, but it is also the best EVER!

Oh and speaking of hilarious, I saw a fabulous play this week at Vancouver's Fringe Festival called Legoland, (which you can still catch in the Pick of the Fringe from Sept 21-24). It was a two person play with singing, dancing, antics, photos and some puppetry. There was even a short puppet show of Jeffery Dahmer, but the sock monkey puppet was my favourite.

Sock monkey you say?? Um, yeah, sock monkey!!

I don't have a photo of it, but Motion has a sock monkey and we found this brilliant online sock monkey forum! We liked it because the entries were about spreading good vibes and making people smile and not at all condescending, competitive or unwelcoming like a certain other forum we'd visited for fitness/nutrition discussions.

Anyway, for some interesting sock monkey inspirations check out Sock Monkey Dreams.

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